Whimsical animal illustration, funny / sad mini animations, picture / comic books

mattAbout the Artist

Squidrabbit aka Matt Myers is a self taught illustrator. He makes fun,colorful and occasionally mysterious illustrations and picture books for the youngies and oldies. Many images of his childhood still have a little hiding place in his adult head. Porky Pig and Dirty Harry play poker up there sometimes. Folk art and artists like David Weidman, Jim Flora and Ed Emberley are big influences. He survived brain cancer in 2011 and tries to have fun when he can. Making these pictures or cartoons is very fun…and a bit of work ha. He also walks dogs quite often and enjoys the outdoors. He goes to outer space whenever possible. His wife Carly and daughter Greta tolerate his rabbit habits. Thanks for checking out his site! And here are my wife’s paintings also: